Sunday, September 3, 2017

Heat Wave

I had a different post in mind to publish wearing a vibrant yellow dress but the weather made me change my plans. The heat is California this time around made me publish something in white. Another reason was because this white dress is on labor day sale and is made of the finest cotton to help you get through these hot hot days.... It is marked as a dress but has no lining and when I tried it on I either needed to add another layer of clothing underneath as it seemed too sheer and would end up being more sheer in the harsh sun or add a lower to it and wear it as a top. So I added ripped jeans to the outfit... As I mentioned above, I have some content already lined up and even though I am tempted to post it all at once, I would be sticking to the once a week frequency to at least be consistent for a while and then think of adding more stuff to the blog...Have a great long weekend everyone and and even better week!!

                                                                               Denim:  American Eagle
                                                                                  Flats: Target (old)
                                                                                 Bag: Prada(old)

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