Sunday, June 5, 2016

Somewhat boho

I have been busy enjoying being a mom and barely squeezed in time to write this post. But I can definitely see myself slowly molding into my old self and hopefully keeping up with my interest in blogging. Anyways while I was pregnant, I had thought of not turning my blog into a mom blog post having baby but if any of my readers are interested, please post your queries/questions about motherhood, baby care, best products out there or anything you want to know in the comments section and I would be happy to do a blog post to address it. Now as my son is 6 months old, I guess I will have few minutes here and there to do "my" stuff :) As for the outfit, it was worn for a first birthday party for my friends son and the outfit pictures were clicked in a frenzy as we were running late for the party. I love blogging cause every shoot has a small story to it. Like in these pictures not pictured is my son napping in his car seat right next to us while we carry him around to take pictures and me checking up on him between each shot! Looking forward to share many such stories and for all those curious to see my lil one or other frequent updates, I post more stuff on instagram here jas_punia

Bag: Coach
Bag charm, anklets, earrings: gifts from India
Shades: Linda Farrow

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  1. This dress looks so cute on you, the colors are so pretty! Nice touch with the orange flats, they go perfectly with this look!

    ISA Professional