Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Unicorn Swag

This post and next couple post, I want to bring to you guys pieces hand knit by my aunt. It is impossible to describe in words how talented she is, I wish I had an iota of sense of knitting and could create timeless pieces that could be passed on. Anyways, here I am wearing a hand knit cap by my aunt and she got it ready in mere 2 hours, with extra 5 mins spent on the pom pom attached on special request by your sincerely :) This outfit is a mix of a lot of items purchased from India like the knitted scarf from fabindia and the bracelet gifted to me!!! This outfit was worn on a somewhat rainy day to keep warm and cozy and yet had layers that could be adjusted per the weather. The t shirt had a great print and would work great for summer months as well!!!!!

I keep coaxing my aunt into creating an etsy account so she could make profits out of her knitting hobby but she always replies back saying its a skill she wants to reserve for family... I recently stumbled upon a beautiful pullover which was slightly over my budget and then came the idea of requesting my aunt to knit it for me. I received the pullover yesterday and it is a dream come true. I will feature it in future posts. Do you guys have any such amazing hobbies? Would love to hear about them :) Have a great rest of the week......


  1. Wow what a talent, such a pretty outfit and the accessories from your family is so amazing. I cant sew or knit for beans!

    1. Thanks Kaye!!! I cant knit either but lucky to have family with unbelievable talents :)