Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hand Knitted yet again!!!!!

This post is extremely special to me because it features my favorite piece acquired this winter. This beautiful sweater hand knit by my aunt. I browse many online shops and came across a similar sweater couple weeks back, although I found it slightly over priced and decided to reach out to my aunt and show her the design. She loves to knit and signed up to try out the pattern and guess what one and a half week later I was doing this post voila. I was so excited about it, I squeezed in the shoot early in the morning before heading to work. Usually my mornings are a mad rush but I set the alarm half an hour early just so I could get pictures in morning light. I feel so lucky to have such talented family members :)

Hope you are having a great short week!!!!!

   Sweater: HAND KNIT( by my aunt )
Heels: Zara 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 
Jeans: American Eagle 
Shades: Ray Ban


  1. M in love with this hand knit sweater you are wearing!!! Looks so good on you.. Your aunt is very talented

    1. Thanks Pooja!!!!! I am blessed to have such a talented aunt :)