Sunday, February 22, 2015

HONOLULU Travel Diaries

If you follow me on instagram you must already be aware that Mr. and I had headed to Honolulu for the long weekend. It was our first tropical vacation and I was way more than excited. Keeping up with the trend I will share my recommendations and fun things to do here. We went for a short trio(4 days). I would highly recommend you to go for 6 days to enjoy everything at a relaxed pace. Here is the breakdown of all the awesome stuff we were able to squeeze in.

DAY 1:
We reached around 2pm and headed to our hotel. We stayed at Marriott and I highly recommend it. Amongst all the amazing stuff they have to offer, the fact that it is directly on the beach is the best part. After keeping out luggage there we headed for lunch and thanks to the amazing concierge we were able to find some amazing local vegetarian spots.While Mr. enjoys meat, yours truly is all vegetarian. We went to a place called Ruffage and the food was more than amazing. then we headed straight to the beach and spent the evening walking in the sand, drinking young coconuts and writing names in sand. There were fireworks on the beach that  day so it was an unexpected treat. After dinner we retired to out hotel rooms earlier than usual because we had a busy day planned next day.

DAY 2:
We had booked a bus tour, the bus picked us from our hotel lobby at 6:30am and we went to Pearl Harbor. I had read a lot about it as a kid and wanted to see the location for myself. The short movie is very well made. After that we headed to the DOLE plantations. I highly recommend trying their Pineapple non dairy ice cream. It is out of the world. Next the bus took took us along one of the most scenic drives covering a bunch of secluded beaches and we stopped at local favorite called Tito's grill for lunch, while Mr. was floored by the Poke and garlic shrimp, I stuck to an all greens salad. Next we went to Byodo-in Temple and it is easily one of the most serene and calm places I have ever seen. After spending some time there we headed to the Nu'annu Pali lookout which has the most beautiful view of the island. By now it was well into the evening and we were dropped off at out hotel. We spent the evening buying some cookies from Honolulu cookies company to bring back home. They were a big hit amongst the family :). the day was sealed with dinner at Tiki's Grill &Bar.

DAY 3:
We woke up early and headed for the snorkeling tour. We had a half an hour bus ride to the boat in which we were to leave and explore the beautiful ocean. On our 2 hour boat ride to the snorkeling spot we saw hump back whales and a bunch of dolphins. Then we went into water for snorkeling but frankly I was quite scared as even though I know a little bit of swimming, the water was very choppy and I had to struggle to steer myself and keep close to the group. We were served lunch on the way back on boat. I did enjoy it a lot but not the personal best experience of trip.  We returned back to our hotel and started getting ready for the amazing evening experience planned. We headed to CHIEFS LUAU for a fun evening. Please be careful when you select the luau you want to check out some are very touristy but we highly recommend this one. Mainly because of the host, the chief was hilarious, we had tears rolling down our cheeks from laughing. the dances were great. They had beautiful dances and a great fire show. If you go to Honolulu, this is a must see. The buffet also had great veg and non veg options.

DAY 4:
We had decided to keep the day relaxing as we had the flight to catch later in the day. We were complete beach bums. We got some picnic lunch packed from Tucker & Bevvy Picnic Food. I got the vegetable stack and sunrise blast juice. Both were amazing. We had our picnic on the beach as we were able to get to the beach early enough to snag an umbrella spot. I was able to get in a couple hours of reading and then we walked back t out hotel and checked out.

Hopefully if you are planning a trip to Honolulu, these tips could come handy. And now the rest of the post is all about pictures from this trip.

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