Monday, June 24, 2013

June 23(PART 1) : WEDDING

The day I had put so much work towards was here. I got up really early to get ready as our wedding ceremony is supposed to take place before noon. I had carefully selected my makeup artist and was relying on her to pretty me up for the day as the stress had left me with sore red eyes and deep dark circles. I had a great experience with my makeup artist and she got me ready in no time. We did hit a couple of bumps like I forgot to get fresh flowers for my hair and guess what my brother drove to Safeway early in the morning. They did not have light pink roses in bouquet so he ended up buying a potted plant with a pink rose :) My mom, sister and aunt had gone to get ready and forgotten their cell phones at home in all the hustle bustle. They were running a little late and had to get to the venue without their phones and GPS :| I will admit I was a tad bit worried but it all came together fine.

The wedding outfit was chosen keeping many things in mind, I wanted a lighter shade than RED as it was summer time. At the same time, I did not want the wedding dress to be dull and be overshadowed by brighter colors all around me. So I picked the fuschia and red lehnga which went well with the lighter green dupatta. I went for the authentic gold jewellery which added bridal bling to the complete look. My husband's dress was color coordinated with mine to avoid sticking out and we did go the extra mile by getting the same pattern embroidered on the back of his sherwani.

I do not think any bride would have eaten so much right before the wedding as me, I hogged on the snacks and sipped my tea with a straw :) Here is a personal tip that really helped me. I had assigned my sister with a very important task. She had to be by my side all the time. The night before wedding I prepped a small bag that had everything on the earth that I could need on the wedding day: paper tissue, lipstick, gloss, gum, makeup removal towels, mirror, mascara, hair pins, safety pins, small comb, perfume, hand sanitizer, pain killer, moisturizer, band-aid and yes not to miss couple straws so I could have tea without ruining my lipstick. This really helped me as I was tension free about what if I need this or that. The ceremony was quick and I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures that I am sharing equally.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous, Jasmine!!! Such a stunning bride :)

    Love the pictures :) Please post more!!!

    1. Thanks a lot :) I am still trying to find some from reception where I am not going crazy dancing and my outfit can be seen but I guess there was no stopping me that day :)

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    1. Thanks!!!!!!!!I am so stoked, you are an absolute inspiration when it comes to blogging and getting a compliment from you made my day. I love your blog and am a loyal follower :)