Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22 : BATNA

The day after Sangeet ceremony was Batna, more commonly known as Haldi ceremony. A paste of turmeric is applied on bride to be, as per my understanding it was done in older days to bring natural glow to the skin as the spa culture was not common but has continued cause it is pure fun and also considered auspicious. I did not want to wear something with umpteen intricate work while getting haldi on just so the clothes don't get ruined so I picked a plain red salwar kameez with authentic Punjabi phulkari/baag. Another reason for picking Red was that even though the go to color for wedding dresses is Red, mine was different, I ill let it be a surprise till the next post :) I wanted to wear Red at atleast one of the wedding events and this one seemed perfect. Later I changed into a yellow Anamika Khanna salwar kameez. She is one of my favorite Indian designer. I love her work and color selections. This yellow salwar kammez has some important emotional relevance, it was one of the dresses my sister had bought me from her salary.

My aunt had made the colorful pompoms and many other decoration items on her own. My aunts friends did amazing fruit carvings for the event, the event was in our backyard and let me tell you there is something about the event held at your home that makes it special. As a personal suggestion everyone should try and keep at least one wedding event at home just so you can enjoy your special memories in a place where you have had so many others and feel like you are in your domain. Once again there was a lot of dancing and fun.


  1. All of your pictures are beautiful! I love how bright and intricate everything is. Congratulations!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too =P I'm sure there are a lot of choices and places to get Pocky in California too!


    1. thanks :) most Indian ethnic outfits are full of intricate thread, bead and gem work!!!! and yes we have a lot of places that stock Pocky here in CA and I am thankful about it!!!!

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