Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21 : SANGEET

This day holds a special place in my heart . Last year this very time I was a nervous bride at the verge of stepping into a completely new and unknown world of being married. Of all my married friends, most said the wedding festivities are so hectic, one doesn't even realize what is going on. But as my wedding was in US, I got the chance to do most of the planning for my wedding. I had personally chosen everything and put in crazy amount of hard work into arranging everything so I did not exactly want to just sit back at a distance and see everything pass in front of me like a daze, I wanted to enjoy by being a part of every moment. 

Like most of the Indian weddings my wedding lasted a total of 3 days with events spread out evenly so everyone could rest and have fun at the same time without getting overwhelmed. The Sangeet was on Thursday night, 2 days before the wedding. As an individual I am very independent and had never realized how close some of my friends are and how happy they are in my happiness. But yes the Sangeet left me thanking God for the most loving bunch of friends and family.  

As expected, the event day was packed and I had hardly any time, I had to get my Mehndi done in morning and took around 4 hours. My experience with the Mehndi artist was very calming, if anyone in bay area wants their Henna done please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to provide her details :) She was extremely patient and helped me calm my nerves right before the events lined up for the weekend by giving useful tips and keeping the mood fun and light. We had a bit of travel between venues and on my way to get ready for Sangeet we were stuck in major traffic, here I hit the first blooper for the wedding, I had not time to get makeup done. As I am anyways not big about makeup, I quickly got a quirky hairdo done, changed and headed straight to the venue adding some lipstick and kajal in the car during the drive over. Personal suggestion to every bride-to-be never let small things get in your way to enjoy. I danced the whole night and had an absolute blast. I hope it was the same for all the attendees. As I consider this a very personal memory, I am sharing just a few pictures from the night, hope you guys will like it.

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