Monday, June 10, 2013

Day by the Bay

We recently moved and the new place though way better is little far off and has increased my commute leaving me with very little time on hands. I have been working hard past couple of weeks to strike a balance where I am able to do everything that completes my day and adds meaning to my time. I have improved in time-management but still far from the goal. Anyways keeping the daily life cribbing aside. I would like to share with you all that June is my favorite month, not just because of warmer weathers and my love for summer. But, I got married in June which attached a lot of my good memories to this month. It will be a year of being married soon and however cliche it may sounds but time does fly fast. 

I am working on preparing few posts featuring the wedding festivities in Punjabi weddings(keeping mine as example, of course). These will not only offer a glimpse of Indian weddings and cultures but will help me relive some cherished moments. 

Realizing it was soon to be a year Mr. and I got excited and headed to city for enjoying a delectable brunch, a quick walk along the Piers, delicious tastings of the farmers market and some shopping to celebrate beginning of our favorite month.

Top: H&M; shorts: gap(old); jacket: ZARA; hat: J.Crew; bag: Guess(gift); flats: Tory Burch; shades: Marc Jacobs


  1. It would be wonderful to see wedding pictures in future posts! Love your hat! <3

  2. Thanks, I have posted a couple wedding event posts let me know if you like them :)