Friday, November 16, 2012

Old Is Gold

First and foremost, yes, its been a long hiatus since my last post. A couple days back I was having a  discussion with Mr. about this long break and that I should work on my next post. I really liked his answer that the 'Going Live' post was more like a Pilot episode of a new show to give a feel to the audience and I should take my time to work on the next one. Yes, he has a very positive way of looking at everything :)

We have back to back festivals going on and we recently celebrated DIWALI. Let us say Indian Christmas to highlight the magnitude of celebrations of Diwali. Though being away form home, this time gets me very home sick and yearning to head homewards. Over time I have started to embrace and enjoy the way we celebrate it here in US.

With that having been said, I have always felt Diwali to be a very special festival. This year it was our first Diwali together so it only added to the excitement. I wanted to wear something that would be very personal. Being an absolute Punjabi at heart, it was kind of a no brainer for me to pick a salwar suit to wear that day. What is special about this suit is that the dupatta( scarf wrapped around me) was a part of my mom's wedding trousseau. She had saved it for me to give it during my wedding. Yes it is very special to me for the same reason and my mom is the sweetest person ever. I wish I had inherited the habit of taking such good care of possessions from her.

Everytime my mom would wear this I would compliment her saying she looked amazing and that I loved the intricate design that required serious workmanship when being made. The day she pulled out this gem to give to me,  many memories were enlivened. The embroidery work was so fine and rich years ago! My mom got similar embroidery done on the kameez to match the dupatta and gave me the complete set.

I had my fair share of celebrations by lighting  a couple sparklers and just like a kid it got me all excited.

To add more Punjabi flavor to the outfit, I added a matching Dori in my hair and tille wali jutti. One of my favorite part of the Diwali is lighting candles at the Gurudwara. There are many many candles lit that day that brighten the night and cheer up everyone surrounding.

 Suit: gift from mom on my wedding; juttis(footwear): Local store in Chandigarh (1469 Preserving The Heritage); neacklace, earings and bangles: tanishq

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  1. Jasmine u look pretty int he attire.