Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bows And Buns

Having spent a relaxing weekend, decided to make it even more perfect by posting on the blog. Also would like to share the amazing news that I found another photographer - my sister. Though it did require some bribing but she finally gave in.

 By now you guys must have realized I love tying my hair into a bun. It is fuss free and my answer to the common bad hair days!!!
 I had bought these pants about a year back and they have been one of my favorite and most comfortable piece of my wardrobe since then. I love pairing them with basics for formal look and with prints or checks for more casual one. I love the bow belt details on these pants and the fabric is unbelievably soft. The bow adds just the right amount of feminine touch to the otherwise strong color.

Polo neck sweater: LOFT; pants: Anthropologie; heels: kenneth cole ; bag: Guess; necklace and earings: Fabindia; watch: Lacoste; shades: Ray Ban


  1. Again, loved your look. Classy and chic.
    pardon me if I get repetitive with me words. :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment Shruti! No worries of repetition. Whenever I get a comment on my blog I get excited. So ur beautiful inputs bring a smile on my face :)

  3. where is that colorful wall at? makes your outfit pop even more! nice blog from you :), looking forward to more posts

    1. Thanks!!!!
      This wall is the one right next to Anthropologie on Sanatanrow..

    2. just a thought, it would be great! if you could link to the actual items and not just the online shop, would be a lot of work to look for the same stuff online for you, but will save the lazy reader (like me) the search :P

    3. Most definitely... thanks for the suggestion....I tried doing the same, only thing is some of my pieces are from previous seasons or last year and I couldn't find them online anymore :/
      But yes I will post exact link for the ones available online :)

  4. Hey jasmine, first of all do not think that i am spamming your blog with comments everyday, But i genuinely like the posts on your blog, with the amazing pictures and beautiful backgrounds.