Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Going Live!!

So I gathered the courage to make the blog public. Even though the blog is still in initial phases and a lot of work needs to be done, but still it is always more fun to share one's passion. The weekend was extremely hectic. These pictures were clicked in a rush. Heading to a house warming party, the pictures were clicked while I scouted for gifts. The outfit was put together keeping casual yet stylish in mind. Also I am wearing the F21 neck piece I mentioned about in my last post. When we took the pictures, it was dusk and we lost the race for lighting :) But we did not have to compromise with the pictures because the salesperson at Crate & Barrel was sweet enough to let us take pictures inside. Also we found this amazing candle holder shown in one of the pictures below with perforated leaf imprints . I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and felt it was a must have for our home for the upcoming festival of lights. All in all it was an extremely fun and enjoyable weekend spent with friends and family, playing games and laughing our guts out!!! 

Usually I like to make one element shine, in this case it would be the bag with neon accents. It adds much needed colour to the basic blue and grey outfit. The henna on hands inspired me to wear the antique bangles my mom gifted me. These particular ones are slim silver bangles and "meena"(enameled) bangles from Jaipur stacked together.

Here's a picture of the beautiful candle holder with golden paint inside that had me from the moment I laid my eyes on it. I got the smaller version of this one.

Less is more. I loved the henna accents on the tips of fingers. Also as the weather gets cooler the nail paint gets brighter is the rule I follow. It helps keep spirits up!!!!!!

Blazer, top, scarf, heels: H&M;  pants: gap; clutch:ALDO; watch: FOSSIL; necklace: Forever21



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  2. Loved the color of scarf and heels... Royal Blue... :)

  3. Thanks :) and I am glad the comments are working now

  4. Glad that its live! It's not fair that the rest of the world doesn't get to preview the awesomeness!

    Loving the pictures and the effortless chic style :)

    Looking forward to seeing tons more xx

    1. Thanks a lot! such words of appreciation coming from you mean a lot :)