Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back to passion

Took a long break and now trying to get my hold back at it. I took a nearly year long break from blogging for reasons I owe to share with each of my reader. With couple of year of blogging done, I was losing interest as I was seeing little to no results and it had started to seem like a lot of effort to get ready to take pictures with a toddler in tow. Not that anything changed from bub's perspective but some life changes make you realize am I living my days to the fullest? Do I miss doing something I enjoyed? Why get I let feeling get stale and mundane about something I loved?

After a lot of thinking, I reached the conclusion that blogging is something I was missing. Something that was helping me be creative. Yes, I am tied by many strings about making any profits from my passion but it doesn't mean I let it wither away. I thought deep and hard and then realized I did not have to limit myself to post what I feel people wanted to see, I should post anyways as its not like I am making profits from it. It is more or less an online diary. I should share more, try and be more open and not just stick to certain topics but try to cover variety, try to add more tips etc.

I woke up feeling extra enthusiastic where I felt this past year I had given up on a part of myself I really loved. If you have any suggestions for any content you used to like and would like to see more of or anything new I should add please reach out via email, DMs, messages, twitter, facebook or instagram. Trust me when I say I check them all and respond to everyone.

Top: Zara
                                                                                Bag: Tory Bursch
                                                                                Shoes: Ninewest

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  1. Love your outfit girl and you look fabulous in red !!