Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Too many faces

Growing up I have tried my hands at many a things to figure out my favorite hobby. I was enrolled to swimming, dancing, music, painting, karate, theater and all sorts of classes. While most interests lasted only for single summer vacations, dancing was something I was requested to be enrolled every time. I used to learn "kathak" and school/coursework always came in between and I would stop classes every now and then. Recently my mom went to an exhibition and found this beautiful skirt for me with kathak ali dancers faces printed all over. It is one dance form I was always fascinated by but never got a chance to even try. The sheer boldness of expression, the colorful paint on the face and intricacies of the dance form were always great to watch. This skirt suddenly became my favorite because it brings back all those memories of me and my sister heading to our dance classes in the scorching summer.

The cute colorful "Potli" bag was one of my brother's find, his college recently took them on a trip to Rajasthan and he found this beautiful hand embroidered camel leather bag from a local market for me.  It is just the right size to fit my phone, keys, cards and some spare cash.

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