Friday, January 16, 2015

Back with bangs!

We at huesnviews are still struggling with vacation withdrawals. All those who follow me on fbook/instagram/twitter were bombarded with pictures from back homes last week for the same reason :) I wanted to do something new this year and decided to go back to my trusted haircut as a kid and went with bangs and layers. New haircuts usually make  me feel like a new person and that's what I was aiming at this time around too. Every year I make a list of resolutions but my resolution for 2015 is to "Let it be and enjoy life as is" or simply put as " take it easy". I hope that motto doesn't transfer into  sluggish activity on blog. After coming back from my vacation I was struggling with the concept of continuing to blog or just take it easy in that aspect too. But was advised by the wise man in my life that continue doing what makes you happy just because it helps you achieve something that can not be bought - HAPPINESS!!! And on that note you will keep hearing my rants this year too :)

HAPPPY 2015 everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Leather jacket: Zara
Sweatshirt: ASOS
Shades: Gucci
Heels: dvf

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