Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wide Leg Pants

This is the first time I am wearing a pair of wide leg pants on the blog :) I love the comfort they offer. Also having worn skinny jeans for a while now, they offer a break from the monotony. Only issue is I had ordered mine online and they ended being a bit too long so they can be worn with only a couple of my sky high platform heels. The ones worn here are from target from a couple yeas back. One special thing about this outfit is the crotchet flower you see in my hair, handmade by my aunt. My aunt is super talented and over the year, she has made zillions of cute pieces like sweaters, scarves, caps, gloves etc.for me. Last year she gave me these crochet flowers in many different colors and I have used them in so many ways since then, from adding them with a safety pin to my fabric totes, using them as brooches on dresses and shirts and now securing them with bobby pins into my hair as an adorable accessory. This post is for all the crochet lovers out there,who put in so much hard work to create amazing pieces.

Denim: Hollister
Bag:  Ralph Lauren (simiar)
Blouse: LOFT
Heels: Target
Crotchet flower : made by aunt
Earrings: from India