Friday, February 28, 2014


Mr and myself recently took a trip to NY. We went to the east coast for the first time ever and I had an amazing time in spite of the bitter cold. As you all might have guesses by now, this is going to a be work heavy post with a lot of recommendations and suggestions. We had a short trip and thus had planned well ahead of time the places we wanted to see and restaurants we wanted to try out. Before we get to it, here is a very useful suggestion, if you are from the sunny California and are heading to east coast in winter, never forget to pack hats, caps, warm scarfs, warm leggings, boots and gloves. Do not underestimate the snowy winters there, your hands will start going numb within 5 minutes of stepping out if you are not bundled well.

We went for a 4 day trip and here is all we could fit in:

Day 1:

We reached in the evening so post dinner we went to Empire State building and took the elevator to the 108th floor. the view was breathtaking and I do have a picture in this post so I could share the view from top of empire state with you all :)

Day 2:

We started the day early did take subway to try some local food spots, yes we did have 2 lunches :) just so we could try everything on our list. As for the sightseeing part, we walked through snow laden Central Park, took the picture I am sharing below. Then we went to the Met museum and spent a large part of the day there. Everyone who knows me in person knows how obsessed with museums I am. I can spent hours after hours in a museum and so the Met was like a fairytale. We ended the evening doing some quick shopping in the 5th Ave area.  I was unaware of the fact that there is no tax there. You pay what you see on the tag. Imagine my joy on finding that out :)


We  are blessed with great friends. My childhood friend and her husband were kind enough to drive us around the city and explore all the landmarks with us :) We got to see the Wall St. , Brooklyn Bridge, Charging Bull, Rockefeller Center and Saks Fifth Ave We had a great soaking in the energy and vibe of this beautiful city.


We wanted to take it easy as we had a flight in the evening. We went for some light shopping followed by a hearty lunch and bid adieu to this city full of life.

Here are restaurants we tried based on recommendations from our friends and would suggest you to definitely make some time and try these out:

1) Brunch at Sarabeths is a must.
2) Every time we go out on a trip, I want to try at least one Indian restaurant and we tried Tulsi in NY. Both the food and the ambience were great. The orders were good sized and dishes more towards the exotic side.
3) We tried some amazing Koren food at Hangawi. This was one of the restaurant on the trip where I liked the vibe of the place more than the food :) We had made a dash to get to this place and avoid the snow storm in time. So once we entered and were asked to take off our shoes I was all kind of skeptical till I got all cozy courtesy the warm heated floors. This place is like a sanctuary from the hustle bustle of the city.
4) For all the Indian fast food lovers out there, you would hopefully love: The Kati Roll Company. We took the subway to try it out :)

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