Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shade of peach

Here is a long due Indian outfit post. I love Indian dresses so much for the variety of colors, designs and textures. I am still working through my wedding trousseau one outfit at a time which is why until now all the Indian outfits featured on my blog are on the dressy side. As for the outfit, this is my favorite shade of peach. In India one has the convenience of getting the dress material dyed in the color you want and then getting the work you want on it and later stitched to the perfect fitting. Being winters around here, the full sleeves and the velvet salwar save oneself from the cold. For all those wondering the enormous green scarf with thread work on it worn over entire outfit, it is a staple for Indian winters and better known as Shawl. It helps balance out the bling overload of the outfit and provides the much needed warmth. Another new element worn first time on the blog is the green item worn in my hair. It is called dori. Hailing from Punjab it is something I have seen my grandmom and mom wear in their hair multiple times.  

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  1. Perfect Peach shade!!! And beautiful work on the dress!!! :)