Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome Fall

 Fall is my favorite weather because of many reasons. It is the weather of sweaters, warm knits, hot chocolates, festivals, in house movie dates and baking sessions. Usually at the beginning of each season I try to prepare a list of some of the stuff I would really like to try out and add to my list of experiences and memories. This fall I have committed to the following ideas:

- Try hot chocolate at some new cafe, I am a stickler for tradition and end up going to the same place to get my hot chocolate fix. So even though I have moved to different cities in bay I drive to my favorite place always. It is not that bad but I think its time to experiment a little bit.

- Read the books I have been recommended time and again this year. I feel lucky to have an amazing bunch of friends who have referred some great books for reading over the years. Books so strong they have had an impact on my way of thinking. 

-  Bake a pumpkin pie. I have tried my hand at baking breads, cakes, cupcakes and muffins and feel it is time to venture in to the pie world.

- Add structure to the blog. By that I mean incorporate all the requests I get for different topics like - hairdo tutorials, season essentials and yes, yes I hear you all - frequent posts. Thanks for the overwhelming support!!!!!!!!!

Coming to the outfit it screams fall and comprises of multiple layers, a basic black dress as a skirt, the flare blouse to add color and a pullover to take care of chills!!!!!!

Dress worn as skirt: Forever21(out 0f stock) similar
Top:French Connection
Pullover: Mango
Bag: Guess


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    1. Thanks Dharshana :) please keep the blog love flowing :)

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    1. Thanks Valencia, I have signed up for WhatIWear and look forward to sharing some outfit photos in 2014 :)

  3. Babe, you are rocking the fall colors! Such an edgy outfit!..