Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sky highs

 I had bought this dress a while back and was waiting to wear it for a special date night. Well it did say the day of light this summer for a date with Mr. I have been busy off late but if you are following me on instagram, you must have been getting constant updates. This photo shoot was more like I thought we had a million shots to play with and edit for the post but once loaded to laptop each of the shot had something or the other missing. Please bear with me this time, promise to get more outfit pics next time around. Also, I have all the inputs, ideas and requests in mind and will soon be posting relevant post!!!!

Heels:Forever 21
earrings and bracelet:gift from mom
clutch: Halston Heritage


  1. a very well put together look jasmine...and those killer heels are just "wow"

    1. Thanks Meenakshi!!!!Heels have a small story I left them first time i saw them thinking they are not walking friendly but went back next day to buy them :)