Thursday, October 31, 2013

Evergreen BLack

 Of late I have been attracted to everything in black a little too much, maybe its the season and the need for for darker shaded that evoked this liking for black. I wore this black pajami suit for my sisters birthday celebrations. Back and gold is a very safe bet which always works and that is the reason for the suit looking well put together. The pink border on the shawl adds just the right amount of color to avoid everything looking drab. I love the way this suit is stitched without the side slits and still it fits perfectly and was so comfortable that I wore it the whole day even after the celebrations were over :) As the festival season is going on here are few tips I would like to share that help me dress up 
- Accessorize : If you are in a mood to wear a light suit with less work but dont want to come across as under dressed for the occasion, add statement accessories like a striking clutch, unique piece of jewelery like necklace or earrings etc,
- Variety: Sometimes wearing very heavy outfits consecutively gets challenging and hampers ones wish to put together the outfit, which is why I believe in variety, try different designs and colors. As an example I would wear a salwar suit on one occasion,  wear pajami suit next, saree on other one etc.
- Hairdos: Experiment with new hairdos to add freshness and embrace the newness that comes with festival season.
- Smile: Personally for me no look is complete without a smile.

Enjoy the festival season!!!! 


  1. loved the entire look...u look great! loved ur blog! following u now!