Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uniform To Move

As I had mentioned on Huesnviews facebook page, we moved last weekend and I wanted to share my moving uniform that helped me enjoy such a hectic and tiring task of moving. Moving comes very close to top of the things I am not very fond of. So I had been postponing the process of packing stuff as much as I could and in the end everything came down to just one weekend. Here are few tips that came extremely handy for the day:

- A lose extremely comfortable sweater top which transitioned from morning to evening as the move took the whole day. It was breezy during day heat, the layering and scarf kept me warm even when it was getting chilly. 

- Cropped fitted pants which were very comfortable. 

- High bun to keep the hair out of the face when you are all business about getting stuff done. 

- Reasonable pair of sunglasses just in case they get damaged or misplaced knowing the clumsy me. 

- Comfortable flats to tackle the stairs as we moved to a place on third floor, yup I cancelled my gym membership as grocery shopping and carrying it up the flight of stairs would be my new workout. 

- Large bag to throw in last minute knick knacks. 

 Jokes apart I am very happy with the move, our new place is filled with much more natural light and air and is currently in the process of being decorated with our personal touches.

Fitted pants: Gap;  Sweater and scarf: Anthropologie(from last season);  shades: Urban Outfitters; bag: Tory Burch; flats: H&M

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