Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Haste not always makes Waste

Here is a post with few pictures than I would want it to have but hey it’s the second post in a week and feels like a major win with baby :)
Here is the story behind the few pictures, I was bored of clicking the pictures in the park close to our home and got adventurous and thought of going to some other location. So I got ready, Mr got ready, we got the baby ready, we got baby’s bag ready, we drove to the place and guess what we had forgotten to get the camera ready :P the battery was dying while Mr. frantically went click click click so I am talking, pointing , somewhat posing but no where close to composed to get quality pictures for the blog but here is whatever we could manage!!!!

Dress: ASOS
Bag: Ralph Lauren


  1. What a pretty look! I love that print

  2. beautiful photos :)

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  3. Beautiful pic..love your outfit..where is this wall ? My in California not wanted to go here

    1. Thanks Pooja :) This is the Anthropologie wall at Santanarow...

    2. Thanks we went and took pics :) very pretty wall