Monday, August 19, 2013

Strikingly Bright

As the name suggests, this outfit comprises of a combination of bright blue and orange. I enjoy wearing contrasting colors and this outfit is my favorite for the same reason. The material being light is perfect for summer. Not sure if this one would be enough for wedding, but it definitely is great for house parties and events that demand Indian outfit with a casual and not too dressy vibe. 
NOTE: If you come across any of pictures on any other websites for boutiques etc. please inform me. Currently I have not partnered with anyone. Some of my wonderful readers had brought similar infringement issues to notice earlier and it really helped me. Have a great week!


  1. gorgeous outfit jasmine...perfect for a dull day...

    1. Thanks for the beautiful comment Meenakshi :)

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    1. Thanks Jas, every time I post an Indian outfit I feel like I am being a risk taker and get excited so the appreciation means a lot!!!!

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    1. glad you liked it :) Thanks for stopping by on my blog and posting the wonderful compliments!!!! Made my day :)