Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Is The Word

The week was crazy but the weekend was even more busy. Between two birthday parties, celebrating Dussehra, going to Durga Pooja, watching PA 4, buying gifts for Diwali – my favorite festival on it’s way. Also how could I ever forget, I have been looking for some accessory in mint and got my hands on a great necklace this week, will feature it on the blog soon. Me and Mr. had overbooked ourselves I feel and signed up for way too many activities. We kept as close to our to-do list as we could and tried to be on track. Yes, I make many many to-do lists and checking off the accomplishments is my favorite thing about them.  


Just because this was a busy weekend I was not exactly able to get pics clicked everyday. But still manage to squeeze in few pics here and there. Also, over time I have realized that blogging is something I really like and am thinking of blogging more frequently than just over the weekends.

Shirt: h&m, jeans: Gap, sweater: h&m, hat: Forever21, necklace: fabindia flats: tory burch


  1. I wonder why there are no cooments on your blog.

    1. Ria I am new to blogging and still figuring out ways to increase my audience!!!! Getting there though one step at a time :)